What’s the Best Bonus to Play at an Online Casino in 2021?

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Overview of All Types of Online Casino Bonuses!

Gambling on online platforms is becoming an increasingly popular activity for many people. After all, online gambling web portals have a really wide range of different exciting and entertaining games to play and relax in. Many games can be played for free, but the high chances of winning encourage gamers to try their luck only in games for real money.An extra incentive to play can be obtained through various casino bonuses, which are distributed quite generously by gambling portals. Nevertheless, there are many different bonus offers, and many novice players are not quite sure which is the best one to choose.

The Best Bonuses at the Best Casinos

Minimum Deposit
100 Free Spins for Registration at 1xSLOTS Casino No Deposit "Bonus Code 100SUN"! Very Fast Payouts of Winnings! No Player Account Verification! No Limits on Winning Payouts! VIP Cashback! Bonus € 1500 + 150 Free Spins!
1$, 1€, 4.5TRY, 50₽
100 Free Spins for registration without a deposit in RAZOR SHARK (PUSH Gaming) slot + € 1000 Bonus!
€1, 20₴, 50₽, $1, 300₸
50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus, Sport Betting!
60 Free Spins No Deposit in JUMANJI slot from NetEnt provider!
100₽, 10€, 10₺, 5zł, 5$
50 Free Spins No Deposit in Starburst (NetEnt) slot, € 1000 (200%) Bonus and Live NOVOMATIC!
€2, $2, 100₽
50 Free Spins For Registration For New Players!
€2, $2, 100₽
40 Free Spins For Registration For New Players!
€2, $2, 100₽
60 Free Spins on Gonzo's Quest (NetEnt) Slot No Deposit for Registration at Super Cat Casino!
€2, $2, 100₽
50 Spins No Deposit Per Registration and Deposit Bonuses (225% + 225FS)!
5PLN, 5$, 100₽, €5

Simply put, bonuses are benefits offered by online gambling platforms designed to provide users with a free gambling experience. It is a marketing ploy of many online gambling portals that is used to add new visitors to the gambling platform.

Cash Bonus at Slottica Licensed Online Casino at SpinBigWin.com is pictured.

The various prizes are a good addition to the games and are good value for money. However, they are also worth taking a critical look at and clearly understand how to use them.

Below are the main types of bonuses that can be found on online gambling platforms:

1. Welcome Bonus:

Always offered to new customers and mainly designed to attract new users. This prize allows the visitor to the gambling house to get familiar with the bonus offer. Depending on the gambling establishment, the welcome bonus may also include free spins or other benefits.

2. Free deposit prize:

This is another way of obtaining free play money to use in games. It often states the amount of the deposit bonus as a percentage, which means that you can get a certain percentage of free play money on top of your deposit.

Best Free Spins at the Best Casinos at spinBIGwin.com is pictured.
Best Free Spins at the Best Casinos at spinBIGwin.com

3: Free Slot Machine Reel Spins:

This is the most famous and exciting casino prize, along with the free play money offers that online players can get for themselves on the virtual platform.

These prizes give you the chance to try a pre-defined game for free, and most gambling houses offer them as a welcome bonus, as well as in various promotions. This is a great way to try out different games without spending any real money.

Free spins are most often given out on a particular slot machine. Online gambling platforms will usually notify you about the free spins so that you know that they are available to you.

Cash Bonus at the Licensed Online Casino 'Super Cat' at SpinBigWin.com is pictured.

You need to open a game that offers free reel spins, which can be categorized as follows:

– As a gift to regular visitors:

Gaming sites offer free reel spins to both new and existing customers. However, there are free spins as a gift to regular players. These prizes from the casino allow experienced players to stay longer at their chosen gambling portal.

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– Free reel spins without deposit:

Usually set at a certain coin value. This bonus is given to the visitor of the gambling platform after registration. No deposit is required for such a game, but it is worth noting that there may be a maximum limit on winnings.

Cash Bonus at Spinamba Licensed Online Casino at SpinBigWin.com is pictured.

Such limits range from €100 to €5,000. In addition, the wagering requirements of the bonus must usually be met before profits can be repatriated. Free spins with no deposit are virtually free play money, and require you to make a deposit with the casino before these types of bonuses will be credited to your gaming account.

– Free spins by promo code:

Usually, a certain minimum amount is set for a deposit, and sometimes you may need to use a special promo code to participate in the free spins offer. This is a special marketing ploy used in many online casinos.

– In addition to the deposit bonus:

Often, free reels are combined with a bonus offer where the free spins are in addition to the deposit bonus. For example, you may be offered a 100% bonus on your first deposit of up to €200 + 100 free reels spins on a slot machine. There is usually no limit on the amounts that are withdrawn in these types of free spins that require a deposit, which means that the gamer can withdraw all their winnings from the gambling portal.

Cash Bonus at Slotty WayLicensed Online Casino at SpinBigWin.com is pictured.

However, you should read the promotion terms and conditions carefully, as sometimes winnings associated with these prizes can be subject to a wagering requirement before the winnings can be cashed out. The wagering requirement is usually between 25 and 50 times, which means that you’ll have to wager the amount you’ve won in casino games many times before you can make any withdrawals from your account.

– In the form of an advertisement for a new slot machine (sent by mail):

These types of bonuses are given to players when a virtual casino launches a new game. In addition to being able to play games for free and earn winnings with them, free spins allow gamers to try out a new game. But above all, these no deposit free spins are a great offer for all new visitors who are still a little unsure about playing gambling entertainment online.

With the free spin’s bonus, the gamer can use the casino money to play without risking losing their money. Only when the free spins bring a win and the player wishes to withdraw the winning amount, he must comply with the restrictions and requirements imposed by the gambling platform, such as meeting wagering requirements.

Cash Bonus at the Best Online Casinos at SpinBigWin.com is pictured.
Cash Bonus at the Best Online Casinos at SpinBigWin.com

4. Cash Bonus to Player Account:

Very similar to free spins, but instead of spins, the player receives real money, which is given to the gamer, but it must be wagered in casino games. The free money can usually be applied to any game, as well as sports and cyber sports betting.

5. The classic ‘non-sticky’ bonus:

You make a deposit on a gambling website and receive a ‘non-sticky’ deposit bonus. To get this free bonus, you need to wager it several times – usually 35-50 times.

6. “Sticky” bonus:

This is a bonus that you can bet on, but cannot withdraw. The most common type of these bonuses is “phantom” bonuses. It is also known by other names, including Sticky Type I. Phantom sticky bonuses are found in some gambling entertainment.

Cash Bonus at Lucky Bird Licensed Online Casino at SpinBigWin.com is pictured.

The bonus is immediately added to your deposit. If you make a financial withdrawal, the bonus is deducted from your balance. For example, if you received a “sticky” bonus of €100 on a deposit of €100, you will start the game with a balance of €200. If your final balance was €250 and you withdrew cash, you will receive €150 after the €100 bonus is removed.

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At first, the ‘sticky’ bonus may seem like an impractical prize. But it has the advantage of limiting your bankroll.

7. Better betting bonuses:

Bonus offers also include wagering bonuses, as most gambling houses offer betting opportunities in addition to regular casino games. Most bonuses are used either in games or in bets at your beck and call. So, betting bonuses are pretty much the same as the deposit bonuses offered by casinos. They are often just slightly smaller than the deposit bonuses.

Therefore, a gambling website offers you free play money in the form of a wagering bonus if you make a deposit into your gaming account. Some web-based gambling entertainment platforms also offer free betting on wagers. This means that you can bet for free, but before you can use the betting bonus, you must check the terms and conditions of the gambling platform to obtain the free bet.

8. Cashback:

Not widely used, but some online casinos require this bonus to refund a certain percentage of money wagered on a particular day of the week. In other words, if you play for just €50 during a week and that casino has a 10% cashback, which is refunded weekly, you’ll get €5 back into your gaming account.

VIP Cashback at the Best Casinos at spinBIGwin.com is pictured.
VIP Cashback at the Best Casinos at spinBIGwin.com

Cashback can be withdrawn directly, but conditions depend on the casino. VIP cashback is not credited for the lost deposit but for each wager made.

9. No Deposit Bonuses:

Meaning that the gambling portal distributes free play money to its gamers as soon as they register at the gambling site. For example, a welcome bonus can include free play money that can be freely applied to explore gambling. So, this is the best prize you can get from a gambling house.

No deposit bonuses are a great way to learn about a gambling portal and its offerings. It is purely a marketing tactic that allows gambling houses to encourage players to try out interesting games.

10. Deposit Bonus:

Issued to the player after making a deposit. Many gambling sites offer what is known as a 100% bonus, doubling your first deposit. If you deposit 100 euros, you will get another 100 euros bonus money (a total of 200 euros per game).

What should a player know about the bonus conditions?

Almost all bonuses include conditions for receiving them, the most typical of which are listed below. So, if you are planning on using your bonus for yourself, make sure you read the terms and conditions first so you know what to expect and avoid any unpleasant surprises. Familiarize yourself with these terms and conditions:

1. To get the bonuses, you must first register on the gambling platform. You will then be asked to make a deposit into your game. You will start playing without registering, which also allows casino bonuses to be credited to your gaming account within minutes.

2. Deposit requirements: Gambling platforms almost always set deposit requirements for bonuses. This means that you have to deposit a certain amount of money into your gaming account before you can use the bonuses. The minimum deposit in casinos often starts at ten euros.

3. Wager: This is the amount of wager required to wager the bonus.

4. Bonus+Deposit Wager: The player will need to wager twice as much as the regular wager.

Cash Bonus at Loki Licensed Online Casino at SpinBigWin.com is pictured.

5. Bonus Wager: A player who makes a deposit of €100 and uses the same bonus x35 would only have to wager €3,500 (based on 100×35 bets).

6.Wagering requirements: This means that the customer must wager or play a certain amount of casino games to cash out the winnings from the bonus. One of the most typical conditions imposed by casinos. Simply put, you need to wager a certain amount at the casino before you can withdraw the winnings to your account.

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The lower the wagering requirements set by the casino, the easier it will be for you to wager them. Some casinos also require the deposit to be prolonged, while for others, simply cashing out the bonus is sufficient. These little things are worth knowing first and foremost.

7. Time limits: Gaming platforms often set time limits for wagering requirements and bonus money draws. The time limit for these varies from one week to one month, depending on the casino. The time limit always begins to expire after a deposit has been made.

8. Maximum wager: Bonus money should often be wagered in accordance with the casino’s terms and conditions. Gambling platforms often set a maximum wager at which bonus money can be wagered. If the maximum wager is exceeded, the bonuses do not count.

9. Prohibitions for playing with bonuses: In some countries, there is a ban on certain bonus games. Players cannot play these games when using a VPN or using slots from certain providers. It is also not possible to play bonus games from multiple accounts.

10. Bonus-only wagering requirement: Some online casinos have wagering requirements for the bonus amount only. This means that there are no conditions to redeem your own deposited money as long as the bonus is valid. However, casinos usually state that deposited money must be recirculated in casino games at least once before it can be withdrawn to prevent money laundering.

VIP Cashback at the Best Casinos at spinBIGwin.com is pictured.
VIP Cashback at the Best Casinos at spinBIGwin.com

Of course, there are exceptions. Namely, some online casinos also offer the possibility of withdrawing deposited, non-recyclable money, but in these cases, withdrawals usually involve relatively high fees.

11. bonus and deposit redemption requirements: This type of redemption requirement is quite common, especially in smaller online casinos. The redemption requirement applies to both the deposited amount and the bonus money received.

12. profit limit and maximum bet: The maximum bet is also an integral part of the bonus redemption requirements. This simply means that bonus money can only be wagered on a certain amount. If a player bets a higher amount than that specified in the terms and conditions, the entire bonus and any winnings will be forfeited.

Cash Bonus at Fortunе Clock Online Casino at SpinBigWin.com is pictured.

13. Time limit: Often the wagering requirement also includes a time limit. For welcome offers, the redemption condition is usually met within 30 days of bonus activation. It is, therefore, necessary to check the time limit for each casino.

Free spins usually have a much shorter time limit than deposit bonuses. Winnings from free spins often need to be wagered in just a few days. The time frame usually varies from three to seven days depending on the casino.


Before you consider a bonus good, you should pay special attention to the wagering requirements and not so much to the amount of the bonus itself. Once you have chosen the appropriate bonus, you should also keep in mind that not all games meet the wagering requirements in the same way.

Cash Bonus at ALL RIGHT Licensed Online Casino at SpinBigWin.com is pictured.

In addition, it is useful to know that the bonus cannot be redeemed indefinitely, as casinos usually always set strict time limits for redemption. The maximum wager can also be important for many players, so of course, it’s always worth checking the bonus terms and conditions.

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