How Does Online Casino Slot Machine Work?

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Learn the principles of casino slot machines!

At first glance, a casino slot machine appears to be the most accessible game to play if you’re new to the online gambling world, but you may struggle to grasp the features and mechanics of slots if you’re not familiar with the basics of gambling.

How Slot Machine Works (Casino 2022) Principles of Operation is in this picture.
How Slot Machine Works (Casino 2022): Principles of Operation!

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Discover the slot machine “Book of Sun: Multichance” from casino provider Booongo!

Understanding the essential slot machine components and functions will ensure that you don’t disappoint when investing in a game. Take a look at some of the crucial slot machine components along with the “Booongo’s Book of Sun: Multichance” slot.

There are usually a few basic slot machine mechanics found in every slot machine. These elements are the reels, paylines, the game screen and more, among others.

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What are paylines and reels?

The reels are considered an integral part of a slot machine as they are the mechanism that makes the symbols spin. A payline is a sequence of reel positions that read from left to right. When you can bet on a particular payline, it is active. Before spinning the reels, you need to set the desired number of paylines that you wish to include in your playing session.

Keep in mind that the more paylines active in the game, the better your chances of winning. When the reels stop, the symbols on them are compared to the payout table that each game has. If the player strikes a winning combination on an active line, he is awarded a prize according to the payout ratio.

The symbols and paylines in the casino slot "Book of SUN: Multichance" from Booongo is in this photo.
This photo shows the symbols and paylines in the casino slot “Book of SUN: Multichance” from Booongo.

The most straightforward slot machines have only three reels, on which one straight line wins. However, the most common are slot machines with five reels, in which there are many more opportunities to win.

Traditional three-reel machines had only one line, whereas modern video slots have several lines. Each slot machine line is a different chance of winning. Each time the reels stop, the machine adds up the winnings on each line. A line can be horizontal, straight, diagonal or intermittent. Some lines overlap so that you can win several times with the same symbols.

Depending on the number of coins you want to bet, you can bet on a certain number of paylines. Multiple paylines will be activated in a single spin if you choose to use different currencies.

If you choose to play a single coin, the centre payline will be active. However, if more paylines are activated and the maximum bet is made, the probability of a winning combination will be higher. No winnings will be paid out if you create a winning combination on an inactive payline.

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What is RTP, and how can it be used in slots?

If you’ve ever looked at casino gaming reviews or guides, you’ve probably come across the acronym RTP, usually expressed as a percentage. RTP is a term commonly used in slot machines to show players what percentage of return they will get after placing a bet. The term, whose acronym in English stands for “Return to Player”, refers to the theoretical percentage of return given to the player.

Typically, developers include in their slots information about paylines, their volatility and, of course, the RTP. Of course, it should be clarified that this percentage does not mean that players will get a certain rate of profit every time they play, as the possibility of getting it will depend on the player’s luck. It is essential to clarify that the RTP percentage can vary significantly from one casino to another, even from one country.

The Player Return is a statistic of millions of games and shows the percentage over a long period, which means that even if you bet on a slot with a 98% of €100, it does not mean that when you finish your session, you will end up with 98€. You might end up with €0 or €200, as this percentage is based on millions of games.

What is the maximum betting rule?

In Book of Sun: Multichance, the maximum bet is 30.00. The betting amount should always depend primarily on the total amount of your bankroll. In most slot machines, you can set your maximum bet.

Betting too high will drain your budget faster. On the other hand, it is more convenient to play for more money in some situations. Especially when higher bets open up additional game features or gradually increase the payout rates for individual winning lines.

You can get Big win, Super Win and MEGA Win at the "Book of SUN Multichance" slot machine from Booongo is in this photo.
You can get Big win, Super Win and MEGA Win at the “Book of SUN Multichance” slot machine from Booongo.

The maximum bet feature is usually an invitation to the player to select a card on the game screen. This feature is usually used after a winning combination in the game.

What are the symbols in the game?

There used to be ten symbols on the reels of slot machines, but as technology advances, the number of symbols has increased dramatically. Game makers have created more symbols so that there are more possible combinations, which, in turn, would allow them to offer more substantial payouts and thus attract more players to the gambling game.

It is important to note that the number of combinations does not reflect the player’s chances of winning, but the possibility of getting more different combinations. This provides slot developers with additional flexibility in the gameplay process.

Currently, there are hundreds of slot machines that use the Egyptian theme based on the images and mythology of ancient Egypt. Book of Sun features symbols related to the theme, such as sacred birds, icons, scarabs, card images, a portrait of the Pharaoh, a powerful god, and the phoenix bird.

Find out the payout probability in the casino slot machines!

The payout probability in Book of Sun is determined by how often winning combinations occur. If a winning combination has a relatively high probability of being displayed, the amount payable will be relatively small, and vice versa. Having more combinations in the slots sometimes allows players to win millions of dollars.

The symbols and paylines in Book of SUN Multichance slot machine from Booongo is in this photo.
The symbols and paylines in Book of SUN Multichance slot machine from Booongo.

The success rate and payout are set by the manufacturers according to the casino operator’s specifications. Also, these figures can be changed at any time.

What do the Wild and Scatter symbols in the casino slot machine mean?

In a Book of Sun slot, the image of the Book of Sun acts as two symbols: the wild symbol and the scatter. There aren’t many classic slot machines that have wild symbols, but every modern slot machine, and especially multi-line slots, has wild and scatter symbols. Both symbols help improve your gaming experience and increase your winnings.

Wild symbols help create winning combinations by replacing a standard symbol on one of the reels. The more jokers that appear on the reels, the more generous the payout will be. Most slot machines require up to five wild symbols to line up on the reel to be eligible to win the jackpot they offer.

Depending on the specific slot game you’re playing, sometimes the wild symbol is irrelevant if it’s not included in the winning combination.

Wilds can appear anywhere on the reels, but in some games, they can only be seen on certain reels. That’s why it’s important to take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the game’s features before you start playing.

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Wilds replace all other symbols to form additional paying lines. It is in the Wild symbols that you will find the most innovation. These symbols can wander around the reel with each turn or can stay in one place for several turns. You may also find that winnings with wilds are multiplied by a certain factor.

Scatter symbols are also very common in online slots. These are symbols that guarantee the player a win, even if they are not grouped on a winning line. They often activate other game elements, such as free spins or a bonus round.

Players should be aware that the wilds in different slots can have different functions:

1. Joker function: Wild symbols continue to move around the reels for several spins.

2. Expansive Wild: Turn every standard symbol on the reel into a Wild.

3. Sticky Wilds: These will stay in place for a set number of spins and allow you to increase your winnings.

4. Tracking Jokers: Create a ‘clone’ wild symbol, and while the original symbol remains in the same position, the clone moves down one position.

Slot machines are computerised and cannot predict when and where jokers will appear. Regardless of what type of Wild is used in your game, it will appear on the reels at random. Also, keep in mind that each game may have a different number of Wild symbols.

What are the game’s bonus features and free spins?

Some slots have a combination of different betting features, bonus games and free spins. A bonus game is a type of extra feature built into the regular game. This gives the player a better chance of getting extra credits.

The free spins feature gives the player the chance to get extra spins for free. As their names suggest, no deposit bonuses do not require gamers to deposit money into their accounts. Free spins are most often activated after the appearance of the reels of a special symbol or the aforementioned symbol Scatter.

Book of Sun slot machine has an unusual bonus game. It consists of a series of free spins with winning options. When the gamer sees three pictures with a folio on the screen, 12 free spins are automatically triggered.

What is the jackpot?

The biggest attraction in slot machines is winning the jackpot. It is a cumulative jackpot consisting of small amounts taken from each of the slot machine bets that are part of the jackpot system.

The current size of the jackpot is always displayed on the game screen and players with the highest wagers have a better chance of winning it. In Book of Sun, the jackpot is an increase of 5000 times your prize!

What is a Random Number Generator?

The Book of Su game selects a random number for each reel and stops it from spinning at a specific time. There is a random number generator inside the slot that generates thousands of random numbers. The moment the gamer presses the start button, a number generated by the Random Number Generator is selected for each reel.

No one can predict the outcome of the game. That’s why they say players have just as much chance of losing several spins in a row as they do of winning one prize after another. The Random Number Generator works continuously, using dozens of numbers and number combinations per second.

What is a game in demo mode?

The aim of playing slot machines is not always to win big or get rich, as some players dream. One of the most enjoyable things about playing is the winning combination. There are times when the point of the game is not to make more money, but to find luck when you weren’t expecting it.

Free slots were created as a result of users needing to be able to play a version of an online game without having to make a deposit, so they can be played just for fun. Slots developers acted quickly and came up with the ingenious idea of creating demo slots.

So, the only difference between playing slots for real money and free slots is that you don’t need to bet real money to play the demo version of the game. You can play the Book of Su slot machine in the demo version, but you won’t win any real money playing this free slot.

Demo slots allow gamers to play without any money. Even if you deposit money into your casino account, you can play these slots whenever you want by switching to demo mode. In the same way, you can play again with real money whenever you want.

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Discover the slot machine Book of Sun Multichance from Booongo is in this photo.
Discover the slot machine “Book of Sun Multichance” from Booongo!

What is Auto-Mode in the casino slot macine?

The Book of Su auto mode is triggered by pressing the autoplay button on the game screen. This way, the gamer does not have to manually spin the reels every time. This is a very convenient feature of the game.

What is the Paytable in the casino slot machine?

Every slot has a Paytable, which can be found on the front of the game screen. Before starting a game, always check the Paytable and familiarize yourself with the secondary and primary symbols.

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  • Established: 2017
  • Country: European Union (EU) Cyprus
  • Support: Live Chat 24/7 Support Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnames, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, French, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Latvian Support Mail E-mail: [email protected]
  • Minimum Deposit: 1$, 1€, 4.5TRY, 50₽
  • Deposit Bonus: €1500
  • Bonus Code: 100SUN

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